Friday 9 August 2019

Methods of Aadhar Card Link Process

Transparency and corruption-free society are crucial for the economic development of any country. This can be achieved if The government’s statistics are correct and up to date. Mobile numbers are considered as the fastest communication channel and if they are linked with national identity card, a foolproof system can be implemented without any problem or hassle.

UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is a unique body in India who is responsible for enrolling Indian residents since 2010 through its various established aadhar enrollment Centre. To promote and attract a maximum number of applicants, there are no fees charged for the first time of registering. As a result, within just 09 years, a very few populations have left unregistered and the process is still under process.

Often people believe that they have to pay certain fees to obtain aadhar card. But there is no truth in this as the first time application for aadhar card is 100 % free. Apart from this, there are no fees for aadhar card link with your mobile number. In this regard, UIDAI has given clear direction to its aadhar Centre for not charging any fees on account of aadhar card link.
In a recent verdict from Supreme Court, it has been declared mandatory that no aadhar number can be left unlink with mobile number. Since then, the Government of India is working very closely with UIDAI for aadhar card link process as soon as possible. Apparently, this task seems quite difficult but believe me it is very easy to link aadhar with a mobile number as explained below.

Methods of Aadhar Card Link Process

Being an aadhar card holder, you have two options available to link your mobile number with aadhar card. These are:

1. One Time Password (OTP) - This is the One Time Password method. You have to provide your working mobile number & in return, OTP is delivered to the mobile number. However, please note that you can check aadhar card link status online if you have provided your mobile number in aadhar details at the time of application.

In order to aadhar card download link with mobile number, call 14546* from your mobile number. Now, select whether you are an Indian or an NRI. Now press 1 to process further. You will be asked to enter 12 digit aadhar number & press 1 to confirm. Upon doing so, you will receive OTP (One Time Password) on your mobile phone. Now, give your consent to the mobile operator to access your photo, name & date of birth from UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). Now, The IVR system will speak the final 04 digits of your mobile number. If you listen to your mobile number correctly, then enter the OTP as received on your mobile phone. Now, you have to press 1 to complete the whole process.

2. Store/ Retailer Method - This is the technique that could take some more time as compared to OTP. You have to give your self-attested copy of aadhar card along with a mobile number. Upon doing so, the store executive will push One Time Password (OTP) to the mobile number that you want to be linked to.

Now, you have to give this One Time Password to the store executive for verification purposes. You will be required to provide biometric details, please follow the instruction over the suggestion. You will get a confirmation SMS from a mobile phone company. You have to answer this SMS message with Y to fully finish the e-KYC process. Congratulations! You have successfully finish the aadhar card link process.