Thursday 8 August 2019

Blogger Eligibility for Adsense

Information Technology field has so many related business opportunities. As a result, people from all over the world are trying to make revenue from these fields. Blogging is one of the most popular fields nowadays in the internet world. A major portion of internet users is now trying to make money online with the blogging field.

To make money online is everyone's dream and for this, we invest our time, efforts and money. Most of the job seekers are now leaving their job hunting process and adopting blogging with latest blogger template available at gooyaabi templates as their profession. As the blogging field has high rewards for the bloggers, it is the right time that you take a step to become a blogger.

Being a blogger, you have multiple options to earn revenue from your blog. Popular means to earn income from your blogs are referral marketing, direct advertising, CPM & CPC (Cost per Click) ads. The most powerful and highly paid CPC advertising network which has a worldwide presence is Google Adsense.
If you are a new blogger, your blog would also be a new one in the blogging industry. So, it is not easy to get an advertisement for it due to the low amount of traffic. Apart from this, you might have very low posts on your blog which might not be in Google index. So, it is not good to go for any sort of advertisement especially Google Adsense. Even you apply for Adsense under the given circumstances, there are strong chances that your application will be rejected. So, follow our guidelines below to make sure your application is not rejected and your blog is approved to display AdSense ads.

Blogger Eligibility for Adsense

Top-Level Domain - TLD shows the true ownership and spam-free profile of the domain. If you are using blogger free blog, make sure you add your TLD with it by changing the name server of your domain. TLD has a high level of success approval when we talk about adsense.

Spam Profile Domain - if you are going to buy a second hand domain names, make sure you check its spam score. If the spam score of the domain is high, you will face severe trouble and the chances of approval in Google AdSense program is very acute.

Unique Content - Google likes unique and original content. Because this further increases the knowledge of the readers of your blog. If your blogs use any sort of plagiarism content, then there is a huge chance of rejection in the AdSense publisher network. Unique content is always considered as the premium work not just for AdSense purpose but for getting a massive amount of traffic. If you have hired someone to write for you, make sure to check the content for plagiarism using some online tools such as Copyscape. This is of high importance as one single duplicate content on your blog can cost you a heavy penalty from Google. You can lose traffic and SERP (search engine ranking position) within no time. So extra care should be taken by contacting website developer in mumbai or while using the services of a freelancer for your blog’s content.