Saturday 10 August 2019

Aadhar Card Link To Mobile Number

Communication is a very important tool in today's world. You cannot expect a better result, improved performance and high yield in any field, if you are not taking benefits from the modern communication channel.

Mobile phone, Emails, Fax, Instant Messengers and Social Media are considered as the most powerful modern-day communication tools. Without these tools, you may not move on the right path. Keeping in view the success and benefits of these tools, Government of all countries in this world are capitalizing over this.

In India, mobile users are around 731 million and are on a continuous rise. Keeping in view the importance and popularity of this communication tool, the Government of India has made it mandatory to link your mobile number with your aadhar.
Aadhar is a 12 digit unique number and is considered as the unique identifier throughout India. It is a single most important document that serves as a major KYC (Know Your Customer) document at various places. In the presence of aadhar, you do not need any other documents to prove your identity. It is an all in one single remedy for all your needs.

Aadhar Card Link to Mobile Number can be done by providing your original aadhar card. Apart from this, you do not need any further documents. Initially, you can update your mobile number online, but this service has been discontinued in the past due to some problems. The only way to aadhar card link to mobile number is via visiting any of the aadhar enrollment Centre.

When you apply for the linking process, the staff will ask for some fee from you. Nowadays, it is just 30 INR and you can pay this fee in cash on the spot. But please keep in mind that you will not be charged any fee by Telecommunication companies.

There is still a misconception among people that are they liable to link their sim with the eaadhar download number or not, though they have done biometric at the time of taking their sim. Please be assured that if you have successfully done biometric while taking new sim, there is no need to link with aadhar as this has been done already at the time of taking the sim and doing biometric verification.

The government's main purpose is always to treat their people with the best level of service. Senior Citizen in every civilized society is treated with due care and respect. In India, the Government has given clear instruction to UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) to order Telecom Company’s representative to visit senior citizen's homes for Aadhar Card Link to Mobile Number procedure.

In case if you do not have any aadhar card, then it is the right time to apply for an aadhar card. You need to visit any aadhar enrollment Centre with supporting documents to complete the task. Supporting documents normally include passport, PAN Card, driving license, ATM Photocard, Voter id , etc. On the spot, your biometric and Iris scan will be taken and uploaded to the UIDAI database.

You will be issued e-aadhar normally in 15 to 18 days’ time period. However, if you do not get this, you have to visit aadhar Centre again to find out the reasons for such late. Any issues facing your application getting late would be identified to you which you can address to process and complete your application.